This Cookie Policy applies to website visitors from the European Economic Area (EEA)* and sets out how cookies and similar technologies are used via all Sgames sites (the "Sgames Website"). In addition, some background information on cookies and how you can manage your cookie settings, is provided.

Sgames ("Sgames", "we", "our" or "us") is involved with and responsible for the processing of your personal data via the Sgames Website.

Please note that Sgames may update this Cookie Policy from time to time. If Sgames makes significant changes, we will let you know. You can of course also check this Cookie Policy to ensure that you are aware of the most updated version.

* Please note that we determine from which region you visit our website based on your IP-address, thus if you use a VPN-connection, you may not be shown the Cookie Policy applicable to you.


Cookies are small bits of data that can be placed on your computer, tablet, smartphone or other electronic device ("device") with which you can surf the internet via a web browser. A website that uses cookies can then place these cookies on your device via your web browser if you visit this website. Examples of web browsers are: Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera.

There are two different categories of cookies:

  1. First party cookies. Cookies which Sgames places on your device for its own purposes.
  2. Third party cookies. Cookies placed by or for an external/third party (e.g. other company). Usually these are cookies for the purpose of advertisement and tracking. Vice versa, Sgames may also obtain cookie information obtained by third parties when you visit other websites.

Purpose cookies. After a cookie is placed on your device, your device can be recognized as you surf through the Sgames Website via the same web browser. This will for instance enable the Sgames Website to 'remember' your language settings, which games you played and your progress in these games. If these cookies are placed by a third-party, such third-party can (also) use the cookie for the same purposes.

For more information on cookies, please be referred to the website

Lifecycle cookies. After a cookie is placed on a device, it is only valid for a certain period.

  1. Default period. After the validity period of a cookie passes, the cookie is automatically removed by the web browser. For local storage: Sgames will make sure that it is removed after the time specified in the Cookie Table below.
    The validity period varies per cookie. For example, some cookies are only valid during the browser session. Other cookies can also recognize your device if you visit the Sgames Website during a new browser session, e.g. for a year after being placed.
  2. Early deletion/refusal of cookies. You can choose to delete a cookie manually before its validity period has passed. You can also decide to refuse the cookies which may only be used with your consent. For more information on this, please see the section below: "How can you manage cookies and cookie setting?".

Similar technologies. In addition to cookies, other techniques can also be used for similar purposes, such as:

  1. HTML5 Local Storage. HTML5 Local Storage and local shared objects can be used for the same purposes as cookies.
  2. Web beacons. Web beacons (also called "tags" or "tracking pixels") are bits of programming code that can be included in web pages, emails, and ads. Web beacons can notify the user when those web pages, emails, or ads have been viewed or clicked on by you.

Below, when we speak of "cookie", we also mean the similar technologies described above, unless we say otherwise.


Sgames uses three types of cookies on the Sgames Website: (1) functional cookies, (2) analytical cookies and (3) advertisement cookies. More information on this is provided below.

(1) Functional cookies.

  1. Definition: Functional cookies are essential for the proper layout and navigation of a website. It concerns cookies (1) that are placed with the sole purpose of facilitating communication over an electronic communication network or (2) that are strictly necessary for providing you with the information-society service as requested by you.
  2. No consent required. Functional cookies may be placed without your consent.

(2) Analytical cookies.

  1. Definition analytical cookies. Analytical cookies are used to analyze and map the use of a certain website, so that the quality and/or effectiveness of Sgames's services can be improved.
  2. Not always consent required. Sgames does not need your consent to place cookies for obtaining information about the quality or effectiveness of a provided information-society service (analytical cookies), if this will have little or no impact on your private life.

(3) Advertisement cookies.

  1. Definition advertisement cookies. Advertising/targeting cookies are cookies which Sgames uses to track user activity and sessions and allows Sgames to deliver a more personalized service. Advertising cookies are set by the third parties with whom Sgames runs advertising campaigns. They allow Sgames to serve ads that are relevant to you, including on websites of other companies.
  2. Consent required: Advertisement cookies may only be placed with your prior consent.
  1. Sgames cookies.

Some cookies are placed directly by Sgames. This concerns functional cookies and some analytical cookies.

  1. Developer cookies.

The developers of the games on our Sgames Website, can also include cookies in their game. For example, to track how much points you earned during a game. Sgames is not responsible for this processing: only the developer decides which cookie data are processed and for what purpose.

  1. Externally hosted games and other websites.

This Cookie Policy only applies to cookies that are used when you visit our Sgames Website. Sgames is in no way responsible for cookies that are placed when you visit another webpage, also not if you are referred to such website from the Sgames Website. To enable you to make a conscious choice in this respect, we do include a banner if you play a game via our website that is hosted on a third-party website. This banner informs you that you are about to access a third-party website.

If you want to know more about any of the cookies used via our website or the organizations we work with in this respect, please feel free to contact us via


Cookie settings website. On Sgames's website, you can change your cookie settings via this Section. There, you can for instance choose whether:

Via the cookie settings, you can also change for which purposes your personal data obtained via cookies may exactly be used, and/or specify per organization whether they are allowed to use your data or not.

Browser settings. For most internet browsers it is possible to adjust the browser settings in such a way that you receive a warning before a cookie is placed. In most cases it is also possible to configure your browser to refuse all cookies or only third-party cookies. It is also possible to delete cookies which are already placed. Please keep in mind that it is necessary to adjust these settings separately on every different browser and computer you use.

Functioning of the Website. If you choose to block or delete certain cookies, it is possible the Sgames Website or functions on this website do not work properly anymore. Deleting or refusing cookies also does not mean you will no longer see advertisements. This only ensures that the advertisements are no longer tailormade to your interests.

How to change or delete cookie settings in your browser. For your convenience we included links on how to change cookie settings on the most used internet browsers:
How to change cookies setting in Internet Explorer
How to change cookies setting in Microsoft Edge
How to change cookies setting in Mozilla Firefox
How to change cookies setting in Google Chrome
How to change cookies setting in Safari
How to change cookies setting in Opera
How to change cookies setting in Vivaldi
How to change cookie settings in Yandex

More information. Sgames cares about your privacy! Please consider carefully which web browser you use. Some browsers may benefit from sharing your personal data, while others are completely independent. We advise you to research the available web browsers and decide for yourself which browser best suits your interests. Please visit for information on the browser you use and more information on other browsers and browser settings.

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